Live Work Yoga’s on the Road

This Summer Check me out at Tejas Yoga in Chicago on Sunday nights 6PM with my unique perspective on Restorative Yoga.  Through July.

I will also be teaching ‘Pop Up’ classes in parks around the city of Chicago.  So look to my LIVE WORK YOGA Facebook page for updates


Much love to while we embark on our new journey.  Please keep in touch in our continuing experience. Feel free to contact us at if you have questions about us tailoring a program that fits your studios needs.  I have many offerings that could fit into your teacher training schedule, group classes, workshops or tea making ventures(ok I know nothing of brewing tea).  See you on the flip side…

Rich Logan is widely known and celebrated for his eclectic teaching style. You can expect to find sensitivity, strength, and complexity in what are often taken as seemingly basic postures. It’s these very poses that Rich encourages his students to immerse themselves in, exploring the nuances of a pose for extended periods of time and moving through other postures smoothly and with deliberate attention on placing the body in the pose as opposed to letting habitual patterns and gravity run the show.  For Rich, a ‘mindful’ practice entails bringing us to the edge of experience and, at that edge, witness the moment unfold, so to realize that it is us who are the unfolding.

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