Live Work Yoga’s Class Schedule

Live work regrets to inform it’s loyal patrons that we will be closing our doors completely August 31st.  The city of Chicago denied our request for a business license in this location but also won’t let us operated without one and Live Work spaces are generally for artists only.  Our original intent was to be completely donation based but the city said this makes no difference.  We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause in your practices.  Yoga is at it’s core a spiritual practice but the rules are the rules in the corporeal world.  We will refund any class packages to the point they have not been utilized.  Feel free to come by to say goodbye these next weeks.  or contact me personally if you have any questions.  773-715-8984 or


Rich Logan is widely known and celebrated for his eclectic teaching style. You can expect to find sensitivity, strength, and complexity in what are often taken as seemingly basic postures. It’s these very poses that Rich encourages his students to immerse themselves in, exploring the nuances of a pose for extended periods of time and moving through other postures smoothly and with deliberate attention on placing the body in the pose as opposed to letting habitual patterns and gravity run the show.  For Rich, a ‘mindful’ practice entails bringing us to the edge of experience and, at that edge, witness the moment unfold, so to realize that it is us who are the unfolding.

Although technically we are not teaching classes anymore please feel to drop by  in August just to say hi and have tea.  Much love to you all during our transition.  Feel free to contact us at if hyou have questions about future classes elsewhere

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