Rich writes


One and one equals “At One-Ment”

     The continuing journey.  I struggle in the duality and find peace in the unity.  When I take that pause in my day to reflect on what is watching the world unfold before me, I notice more and more the bias in my mind.  The education or philosophy that gets imposed on the purity of my experience cannot be denied.  Every opinion seems based in some preference, some desire, some deep unresolved disappointment.  We think we know others when they tell us they are a republican or a democrat, catholic or jewish or muslim or jain, rich or poor, when we see they are black, white, asian, hispanic.  But the truth is we only see the image that the person presents to us through our unique filter.  It is hard for us to ‘Experience” each other.  We don’t see the question in each mind, “who am I”, the struggle it took to get here right now, the self doubt.  And very rarely do we see the light of their consciousness.  We want to like the people that are like us.  We want to be in a tribe that looks and sounds like us.  But none of us are alike in the corporal world.  Nature has made certain that each of us is a unique reflection of the energy that comprises all things.  Nature wants to ‘Be’ just as we want to be.  Nature just knows that diversity is the best way to survive.  Change is the landscape of diversity.  Humans on the other hand forget that they are nature.  The natural construct goes out the window in favor of ‘the economic structure’, ‘the political system’, ‘the education platform’.  The newest gadget that was to save time for us, so we could enjoy more time in our ‘natural’ lives, becomes our life.  I certainly know I have spent much time reflecting on the differences that separate us.  I am guilty of tuning someone out for their beliefs, feeling mine were somehow superior and even more often if I thought mine was inferior.  It is easy to hurt and be hurt in the world of humans.  We hide our vulnerabilities, we defend our opinions as if they were us, we move into or avoid conflict as if it were life and death itself.  The question of ‘who we are’ can only be comparative when dealing with the corporeal world.  You can only discern what you are not.  “I am more solid than water, I am softer than metal, I am more talkative than most, I am more emotional than my brothers”, become the attempts at finding an absolute locale in a vast changing universe.  And in seeking our sure footing we soon realize that we are not what we seem.  We can then try to control the corporal world to the best of our abilities in an attempt to stabilize our surroundings.  We get disappointed when things don’t go the way we planned and we are elated for a moment when they do.  We obsess about the outcome in an attempt to ‘do better’ or ‘make sense of it’.  We form committees and clubs and make rule books applying absolute values that can only attempt to address the needs of all and create outsiders in the process.  It is not that we need to stop trying to make the human world a better place.  But simply who am I making the world a better place for?  Do others need us to do this for them?  Is our lot in life so bad that we need to make it better?  When we take action in the world it is just important to notice the reaction.  The purer the action the less the reaction.  When nature creates a new possibility it does not say ‘no’ to the old construct.  It is asking the question can this be?  Can these coexist, evolve, create even more possibilities?  And by the same token can human beings recognize that they have a great power in Nature but are in no way separate from it.

     When we take time out from the corporal world and look within for answers we get deeper glimpses of the mind and how it works, or doesn’t work.  We may start to ask the question is that true?  Am I my mind, my opinions, my childhood?  And the mind asking questions of itself is a very curious thing.  Can the mind know itself?  Can the mind turn even deeper inward?  Is there an essence underneath that thinking?  Is there a glimpse of the energy that allows for that thought?  And if the thoughts stop what do we become?  Do we become less than we are?(or completely what we are?)  In this opportunity to look little deeper is there yet another place from which to ‘see’.  And if so what does it mean to be ‘seen’?

     When we see each other from the perspective of love, acceptance, compassion we become that.  We have great potential to create the atmosphere by choosing where we see from.  If we see from our opinions and differences we are in an unresolvable conflict until the human and natural world see it from our perspective.  And further when we see beyond what others present to us, the insecurity, the superiority, the fallibility, we create a potential harmony.  When our actions cease to need to leave a trace we become nature itself in all its loving experimentation and joyful openness.  Ready to respond in perfect harmony with what comes our way.

     So at the core we are the same.  The stardust, the plants, our brothers and sisters are at one.  We are in a seeming dance that has a reality beyond human seeing, but it does  Not mean that we cannot experience it on a deep level.  Certainly we are experiencing it on a deep level, we just don’t always identify ourselves with that part of our consciousness.  But as we learn to let go of control, stop placing blame, lose our unrealistic expectations of others and ourselves there is a tremendous freeing of energy.  When we make time to reflect on the inner landscape the outer takes on new meaning.  And all we have to do from there is take it one moment (or “at one-ment”) at a time…