Richie’s Workshops

To book or request a workshop: If you would like me to visit your studio to teach or run workshops, I’d happily make arrangements. I typically run anatomy intensives as part of a studio’s teacher training but also teach specialized classes designed for teachers/advanced practitioners.  I am also available for Kirtan.  Contact me anytime to let me  know how I can help; leave a message and a proposed time frame for a workshop experience. or 773-715 8984

Live Work Yoga Is now a roaming international venture.  We have now been to the Ukraine, Germany, India, Nepal offering course work and will soon be teaching in Norway and Netherlands and continue to offer workshops and classes in America as well as Internationally.  Contact me at if you are interested in sponsoring me in your city.

Yogic Awakening:  A spiritual and teaching skills seminar designed for seekers looking to experience different yoga states and learning how to share the methodology safely. A mixture of led classes in the mornings followed by lectures and studies in Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras, anatomy, teaching methodology, pranayama (breathing techniques), adjustments, meditation, and a variety of yoga-related intensive subjects in the afternoons. Call 773-715-8984 for more info.

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Weekend Warrior Adjustment Clinic for New and Seasoned Yoga Teachers 


In each class, we will discuss a different pose type (inversions, backbends, etc.), and the practical application of how to bring better alignment to our students through adjustments. From the opening meditation to the final resting moment, we will explore myriad ways to be present with our students with mindful touch. We will look at anatomical concepts as they relate to honing our touch skills. Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned pro, there will be something for everyone.

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Also join me at Tejas Yoga this summer for my anatomy intensives:

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