Yoga Inspired Poetry

i want to touch god

I want to touch God

Not the god of religion

Not a god that is better than some other god across some distant sea?see

Not the god that makes me shake my fist and condemn another

Not the god that inspires the battle cry

I want to touch God

That god that unites me to you

That god that eases the deep pain in my heart

The god that shows me when you win, I win

I know it is my selfish desire to touch this god that keeps me from this very source

It is my very want that keeps me wanting

The idea always keeps me from the reality

But then the breath, the opening, the expression

Love without the word

To be anything less is my ache, our collective ache

The release, the easing into the depth of this heart, our heart

This is the soil where god flourishes


Awakened by that light

Today you may have awakened with hope in your heart.

  The light may have spread through your room casting no doubts or shadows about the beauty inside of you.

  Even in the most difficult moments there will always be a shining part of you to reach to.

  If you forget just look through the crack in a blind and see it embrace your eye.

  It’s only the light within that can recognize the outer source.

  And even in the fog of life, or dim days, or long dark nights just take a moment to see yourself, what you really are, not the idea of you, but the actual you.

  When you can see yourself and let another truly see you, beyond the ‘expectation’ of what you want, or ‘think’ you need, you see that this light in your heart is the everything, the only thing, the thing that can cross all divides and bring you to the other side, to the beginning and the end simultaneously.

  Today you may have awakened a giant

  Now you’re in the stream and the stream is in you and each touch is an action from heart

  The mind can only recall… but the heart can actually ‘BE’

  Maybe the mind may one day reflect on the ‘moment’ the heart of you saw itself looking back in a mirror and how easily you loved this being, but the heart never needs this acknowledgement

  The heart already knows, even when tears flow, even as life ebbs, even when darkness descends…this heart knows the true vastness of you beyond the small ability of the mind to remember or forget or want.

  You are the beautiful day ahead and the easy sleep of last night,  the quiet hum in the apartment next door, the laughing child, the warm ray of sun on a cheek, the one who understands why life hurts and the movement beyond the pain.

  You are light, without trying to be, but notice if the mind wants to talk you out of it.  The mind can never know THE UNKNOWN, so just be careful when he starts calling the shots, but don’t rebuke, be gentle, find the soft embrace of understanding, set the mind ablaze in your hearts simple offering.

  Today you may have awakened



 There’s really only one choice

And many ways to make it

We, or I, it’s really all the same,

Moving from source to source


All streams leading toward one ocean

All water absorbed by one sun

All rain falling on one planet

All One


You may not believe, but you don’t know what you are yet

Faith is for those who realize the value of intellect

and know you cannot live in that small, lonely little house

Faith is much bigger than you

It’s the river that takes you easily back to your true home

And there we are again


But be a skeptic, be angry

But find out who is asking these questions, who is howling at the moon

And the more you get to know the mind man, the mad man

The more you realize this is not the whole story…


This is just a footnote in a subplot of a rough draft.

As we get lost in the random ink blots

As we get involved with something as significant as a toenail

We miss the expanse beyond the cage of mind


Be the faith

Let it unlock you from your self-imposed boundaries

And be in your fear too

Because when you see what that’s about

When you see yourself making choices from that parched land,

You realize those aren’t choices you’re making

That’s just ‘mad mind’ telling you, ”I am handling the situation!!!”


But you are the situation…

So when the dragon comes, and it is coming

Make it tea and biscuits

Those are best for quenching fires

Because swords and chain mail are heavy and get hot

And tend to drag you to the bottom of the river…

Takes a lot longer to reach your destination

when you try to go against the flow,

crawling along the rocky floor, shield in hand


When you are ready to come to the surface, to just allow yourself to float along the current

That is the moment you arrive

So instead of being the choice maker let the choice make you

“One lump or…”



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